Matte Not Cracked

Soo one of my biggest pet peeves are dry cracked lips…especially during this time of the year. Granted I live in Miami but the little bit of chilly weather we get comes headstrong with wind. Matte finish lipsticks are long-lasting and have great pigmentation but man are they drying on the lips! For example, Mac’s Ruby Woo or NYX’s Shocking Pink (beautiful but sooo drying :/ ) Don’t you hate when the lipstick seams through the cracked parts of your lips? Ugh.

When I heard Revlon was going to launch a matte finish balm similar to the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain line I was BEYOND excited! Simply because not only is it a lipstain but also a balm and very long-lasting. C’mon…a lipstain AND balm at the same time with a matte finish?!?! It can’t get much better than that.

I remember watching Ingrid on YouTube (aka Miss Glamorrazi) talking about the matte Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in one of her haul videos and I immediately got up, drove to CVS under the rain ready to hunt them down. It was a hard choice trying to pick only two (didn’t want to spend too much). So far I have only seen this line at CVS and Target retailing at $6.49 each.

For sure I knew I wanted a new matte red so I decided to pick up #250 Standout. Being fall/winter and all, I wanted to give purple a try. I have gotten a lot more daring with lip colors this past year so I said “why not?”. Which led me to buying #215 Shameless.

Standout is such a pretty red with a bit of a blue undertone. In case you didn’t know, reds with a blue undertone help your teeth look whiter and bright 😉 that’s always a good thing! I feel this shade of red can be worn for day and night and will look great on all skin types. The pay off is amazing as well as long lasting. Through out the time I’ve worn it, I did not feel my lips cracked or dry but it still kept that matte look I love. What’s not to like so far, right? I wanted to try it out for a daytime look so decided to show up bright and early on a Monday morning to work with it on. (oh yes I did!) Honestly…I’ve never received so many compliments in one day. Everyone was loving it. So guess what, you CAN be a little sassy and wear it to work. With a light contour, bare eyes, some volumizing mascara and brows nicely filled in 😉 (don’t forget the bottom lashes too) and you’re good to go with Standout.

#250 Standout 
#215 Shameless
I wore Shameless at night because I thought such a bold color like a deep purple looks nicer in the evening. This one was not as smooth to apply like Standout (red shade) but once I got the first layer on it applied better. I will say the first application looks a little weird and faded but you see the actual color after the second coat. I absolutely LOVE this color! Let’s not even talk about the pigmentation…just perfect. Not sure if it’s just me but I noticed this particular shade gives off a bit of glossy sheen. It was still matte but the color looked creamier and a bit shiny – but a good shiny! Still pretty.
see? pearly whites!
I love how these balms work and the concept behind them! They are moisturizing, have great color pay off and even better…are matte! Definitely want to check out another color to see how it applies at first. So happy I was able to get my hands on these. I do feel these Colorburst Matte Balms last longer than the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I didn’t have to reapply with either colors as opposed to the Just Bitten where I’ve had to reapply more than once. 
I hope you found my post a little helpful for the next trip you make to your local drugstore or for whenever you’re looking for a good, moisturizing matte-lip color. Like I said, I am very picky about matte lipsticks because I do have big lips and they tend to dry faster. Me and dry lips DO NOT get along! Till next time! 🙂

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