Mini Haul | Skincare, Lips & Other Ish

Hello there!!! It’s been a little minute! But I’m alive 😉

After a hectic month at work, I was in dire need of some retail therapy. I decided to go to my favorite place, Aventura Mall, and invite one of my good friends who enjoys shopping as much as I do. We were there all afternoon and ended up leaving at around 7 p.m. We were pooped lol but it was so much fun! Being that my birthday had just passed, I definitely wanted to take advantage of some gift cards I received. I had an idea of the products I wanted to purchase. Mainly skincare items because I am determined to find the products that really work for me. So far so good but I’ll save that for another blog post 🙂

First stop: S E P H O R A! (duhh) And let me just make something clear…this wasn’t the Sephora store it was one of the Sephoras they have in J C Penney stores. The actual Sephora store came after *sneaky laugh* long story short we spent the majority of our time playing around with products, swatching samples, smelling perfumes, and finding a good foundation match. You know, girly stuff. I noticed they had a clearance section at the Sephora in J C Penney (rarely ever happens) and it consisted of Lorac products. {In case you weren’t aware, Lorac will no longer be sold at Sephora 😦 but they will still be available online and at Ulta.} Anyways, there were a lot of foundations, powders, bronzers and lipsticks. Being the lipstick junkie that I am, I instantly went towards that little section. None of the colors really grabbed my attention so I turned to the lip glosses. I thought “hmm, I haven’t bought a lip gloss in so long why not?” And so, I found this baby! ☟

Lip gloss in Peach Lustre

This one is called Peach Lustre, a creamy peachy-pink. It has the right amount of both pink & peach which I love! The formula feels sticky at first but it actually isn’t and it smells like candy. The size is pretty decent and guess what the best part was…….wait for it… was only $7!!!! It was 50% off so I said “heck yea!” can’t go wrong with sales 😉 I can totally see myself pairing this gloss with the Los Cabos blush by Cargo ( that I’ve been OBSESSED with! Perfect for Spring/Summer.

I recently ran out of my Origins GinZing eye cream and my daytime routines just weren’t the same. This eye cream is great for daytime because it has a pinkish-salmon color to it that helps brighten your under eye area. Ever since I incorporated the GinZing eye cream to my daytime routine, my under eye concealer applies and sits way better! Even if you don’t want to wear makeup, believe me when I say this eye cream really brightens up your eyes and skin its crazy. P.S. A little goes a longgg wayyy.

Next up, some new skincare essentials. About three weeks ago, I asked for a sample of the Dr. Murad Oil-Control Mattifier moisturizer with SPF. Like I mentioned before, I am on the hunt to find the right skincare products for my skin so one of those products consists of a good SPF moisturizer. The sample lasted me about a week and a half because it’s THAT good! I don’t really believe in “shine free” or “mattifying” labels because they have always proved me wrong. But no sir not this one. I have very oily skin and am used to it but man, this moisturizer really mattifies your face. I don’t ever have to touch up my makeup or blot for oiliness, everything stays nice and put. I even dared to use the moisturizer as a face primer and it’s been working like a charm! (Sorry Smashbox) Ladies, if you have oily skin I suggest you run to the nearest Sephora and ask for a sample…don’t forget to thank me later though haha. Upon check-out, I came across a mini version of the Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer but…with SPF! Ahh I was so happy because it would give me a chance to try another daytime moisturizer. I don’t always wear makeup so for days that I run around naturale, I like to use just a regular moisturizer. I mean, the Dr. Murad one isn’t cheap so gotta use it wisely. Only good things have been said about the night time version of Hope in a Jar so I really couldn’t pass up the offer.
Moving on (don’t think I was done) we ended up at Lush. My second favorite place to go. If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting a Lush store, please do yourself a favor and check one out lol. Ahh it’s amazing and the smell is just ahhh *sigh* I think it was my friend’s first time but she was so psyched about it. The Sales Associate (which I forgot her name but was so helpful) convinced me to try Ocean Salt which is a body and face exfoliator. Check out Lush’s website for more information on the benefits and ingredients ☞! OH.MY.GOD!! I only tried it on my hands and they were soooooo soft it was delicious!! They felt like butta and smelled amazing! I put it down and applied some Karma Kream which is also divine and it made my hands even softer…seriously? I was in heaven! Honestly! I wasn’t going to buy it but see I have the big pot of Karma Kream already so I figured why not get Ocean Salt too? *insert embarrassed face here* lol plus the Sales Associate sold me when she said it is good to use before shaving your legs. Who doesn’t want smooth legs? So yes, guilty as charged I purchased the big pot of Ocean Salt.
This next little gem was a bit of a mission to find. After two Sephoras, we ended up going to Nordstrom to grab my mom’s birthday present and I remembered there is a NARS counter there. So, after reading Allison Anderson’s blog post on the NARS Final Cut Collection I knew instantly I needed to have one of the Satin Lip Pencils. I had my eye on getting Descanso, which is a very creamy pretty peach-ish color that blends well with all skin color complexions. It is absolutely gorgeous I couldn’t give up on it! But anywho, I go to the NARS counter and Nitzi (I hope that’s her name) was so kind to look everywhere for it and nothing. She even took my phone number down to call me during the week if they received Descanso. So whatever… my friend and I ended up leaving Nordstrom to go somewhere else (because the shopping wasn’t over just yet) and what happened? Oh yea, Nitzi was calling me to let me know she had found it!!! Immediately I thought “it was meant to beeeee!” lol. My poor friend didn’t mind so we walked all the way back to Nordstrom and bought the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Descanso. Worth every penny! Cannot wait till I wear it. Just look how creamy!
NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Descanso – Final Cut collection
The final item on my list was a new sports bra. Yes, a sports bra. I don’t have big tatas but does anybody else feel like some sports bras just aren’t supportive enough? Sometimes when I work out I find myself having to wear a sports bra plus a tank that brings a bralette over it. No? Just me? Hmm.. Well, the other day I watched one of Casey Holmes’ haul videos and she raved about the new sports bras from Victoria’s Secret. I did a little review reading on the bras and decided to check them out in person. I tried one on and BAM! It fit exactly how I wanted it to and gave me the necessary support. I did a little jumping around in the fitting room lol to make sure everything stayed in place.

Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra $49.50
For the grand finale! My friend and I drove over to Ulta really quick to check some stuff out. I decided to go over to the drugstore makeup section and look for new lipstick shades. I came across these really unique colors from NYX from the Round Lipstick line. Of course I couldn’t just settle for one I just had to get one more.
Left: Thalia, Right: Fire 

They apply sooo smooth and are very creamy. Obsessed with Thalia! The lipsticks have a type of “sheen” to them but not in a bad way. So far, I’ve worn both and I can say the staying power is great and moisturize the lips.

I feel like I rambled so much but I really wanted to explain my reasoning behind purchasing each of these items.
Any skincare suggestions? Comment below, I’m always looking for new ways to better my routine 🙂

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