Jewelry Report | Spring ’14


It is starting to feel like Spring everywhere (for the most part). Of course if you live in South Florida you already know it is feeling more like Summer Being that the weather is starting to clear up and the sun has been shining, it’s about time to put away the scarves and bring some color out!!! That’s my favorite part of Spring; the change in colors with everything from home decor, clothing, accessories, makeup, etc. Everyone feels alive again lol.

I wanted to share with you all the top Spring jewelry trends. This season we’re going for B-I-G! That’s right, BIG! The bigger the better! Jewelry with oversized stones and diamond-cut crystals, many of them in different colors. Two of the most important factors for this season are color and size. Also, chunky necklaces whether choker or mid-length are super popular right now. A mixture of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with beautiful embellishments and sparkle.

Let’s talk a little bit about rings now, shall we? This Spring we want to see longer and bigger rings. That means long and big enough to cover two fingers or one entire finger.

Another hot trend for this season is bold jewelry in primary colors. Primary colors are a hit right now! We’re talking true reds, bright blues, and yellow! Lots and lots of yellow. Just think bright, fun, and bold.

Now this next trend has stuck around for a couple of seasons now and was seen a lot for Fall/Winter this past year. I am referring to tribal jewelry and traditional Indian jewelry. Not only are tribal prints and animal accents popular but the accessories are being worn and designed on a whole other level. There is a lot of braided material, mainly leather, rope or shoe lace that is being intertwined with a gold or silver accent. The gold and silver help these beautiful colors pop and give them a classier feel. Although the typical tribal and Indian jewelry is around, this season we are blinging everything up.

This trend shouldn’t be a surprise to most as almost about every piece for Spring involves this color. If you guessed orange, ding ding ding! You are correct! Where do I even begin? I mean, it’s so nice to see such a bright color be the center of attention this season. A lot of people (including myself) can be intimidated by orange. We shouldn’t be though. Sometimes it’s nice to break from the norm and try something different. Orange is a color that no matter the shade, it looks beautiful on all skin tones. This Spring, we are seeing different shades of orange whether it be more on the coral side or a sherbet you can’t go wrong with the orange family.

Aside from the orange trend, gold is making a huge appearance on all jewelry and accessory pieces. Even on clothing and shoes, gold is just everywhere and I looovveeee it!!!! Maybe it’s because I am more of a gold-kinda-gal as opposed to silver but its just so pretty! Gold adds that luxurious touch to anything, whether it is intertwined with leather or on a purse it is just absolutely gorgeous. I simply can’t get enough.

I hope this little trend report helps you and has inspired you for the next trip you take to the mall looking for jewelry. Remember, Spring 2014 = BIG & COLORFUL! Don’t be afraid to bling it up a bit and definitely don’t be afraid to wear bold colors this season.

P.S. each picture is linked to the website where you can purchase these items if anyone is interested. You do not (by all means) have to use the jewelry items I used. Feel free to change it up 😉

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