Fall Lipstick Faves ❤

Fall is probably my favorite season when it comes to fashion & beauty. Normally I turn to mauves, browns, & berry shades which are popular during the season. I wanted to share some gorgeous lipsticks that are not only great additions to your makeup collection but perfect for fall! What I love most about all of these is that they can be worn for a daytime or evening look. There might be just one that’s a little daring for the day, but why not?! Own it! Here are the 5 Fall Lipstick Must-Haves!

  • Nōyah “Deeply in Mauve: I received this cute little lipstick in my Ipsy Glam Bag and I haven’t been able to put it down. It is a rich mauve color with a nice creamy finish (not glossy). This is a great everyday color if you like a subtle lip. After 2 applications, it turns into a deep mauve on me.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in “Sassy Mauve: this is a beautiful mauve color with more of a purple undertone. Depending on your skin complexion, the color can look a little pinkish or have more hints of purple. This lipstick has a sheen to it which means there’s a bit of frost (tiny bit) with a creamy finish.
  • Milani Color Statement Lipstick in “Black Cherry: I had been wanting to get my hands on this particular color for sooo long! It is truly stunning! (Check out my Funkshion post below to see pics on how to wear for a night out). This is a deep berry, perfect for days you are feeling bold. If you have trouble working with rich dark colors like this one, I highly suggest using a lip liner first. Black Cherry also has a nice creamy finish (no sheen/gloss)
  • MAC “Cherish: a gorgeous nude-brown that I’ve raved about for years. If you stay away from nude lipsticks because they wash you out, this is the nude for you! Goes great with any look because it is nude enough to keep your lips looking alive. This is a satin lipstick but I recommend dabbing some lip balm before applying to avoid drying.
  • MAC “Rebel: if you haven’t swatched this color before….I’m not sure what you are waiting for! Really? This is a beautiful berry/pink lipstick shade with a satin finish as well. I find that on me it leaves a glossy finish and it looks more like a deep fuschia if I’m on the tanner side. I have worn this color when I was a bit lighter in complexion and the color looked like a dark plum (weird..I know). Using a lip liner before is highly suggested.
My lips are naturally really pigmented, I always have to mute out my lips
with powder before applying any lip product
Deeply in Mauve
Sassy Mauve
Black Cherry
(took this one without flash to really get the color pigmentation)
From top left: Deeply in Mauve, Sassy Mauve, Black Cherry, Cherish, Rebel
Either of these are a great option for work or school. Makeup is about having fun! Go out and try these shades! Share what colors you like the most in the comment section below..
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