Lipstick Faves | Holiday Reds!

The holidays are literally upon us and guess what?….I still don’t know what to wear! *womp*
Red is a staple color during the holidays, but choosing the perfect red lipstick can be a little tricky sometimes. Maybe you want a bright red, or a darker one, or perhaps matte? Sooo many options! It can get stressful at times lol. Picking the “right” red is a little challenging because some reds pair nicely with certain eye looks and outfits. Other times, the red can be too strong for the look you are achieving and can totally throw it off.
I have narrowed it down to my top 3 red lipsticks for the holidays. Each one has a different undertone and finish, making it easier to narrow down.
Avon Rich Ruby, Rimmel London Diva Red, MAC Dubonnet
“Rich Ruby” is a red with a blue undertone and a matte finish. This is the best dupe out there for MAC’s “Ruby Woo”. The matte on this lipstick isn’t overly drying (I HATE those!). The blue undertone is great at making your teeth look extra pearly white. I would say pair it with black, white, or ivory attire.
Diva Red is a little bit more than the basic. It is a true deep red and it looks gorgeous paired with pretty much anything. It containing some sheen/gloss and keeps your lips moisturized and maintains it’s color throughout the day.
“Dubonnet” is a bolder, darker shade of red with a hint of mahogany. This one has a more sophisticated, elegant feel to it. I recommend pairing it with neutral makeup (skip the liner), a volumizing mascara, and focusing on wearing colors like ivory, cream, white, or gold. Dubonnet is an amplified creme, meaning it has the creamy finish minus the sheen/gloss.
On my lips: “Diva Red
I love the combo of ivory, gold, and red.
Screams H O L I D A Y S!

I love that any eye look goes perfectly with each of these shades. Personally, I go the classic route with some winged liner and bronzer because I just love my lips being the main focus. Grab yourself one of these babies for Noche Buena aka Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day and get into the spirit!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays and lots and lots of l-o-v-e!


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