Better Choices | Skincare Struggles Pt. 1


Finding an effective skincare routine has been my biggest challenge this year. To give you a brief overview, my skin is acne-prone-sensitive on the oily side (what a mouthful). Both my parents have suffered from acne in the past so of course, it was passed down to me :(. I have used a variety of products from high-end, prescribed, to drugstore you name it. I wasn’t realizing what was really happening the more I continued with this pattern of trial and error. See, instead of bettering my skin I was only making it go from bad to worst, leaving me to deal with dryness, hyper-pigmentation, and acne scars (to name a few).

With nothing really working, I began to feel frustrated and was so annoyed with my skin for not cooperating. As I traced back to last year, I realized I wasn’t being much help either. Because its so easy to get caught up with so many things happening at once, I didn’t notice how I completely stopped being consistent with daily rituals. Simple things like eating right, drinking enough water, normal sleeping habits, working out, you get the point. Stress was clouding my vision and motivation levels too.

Your daily way of living has a huge impact on your skin’s behavior and appearance. It takes more effort than simply applying product after product on your face. Aside from pushing myself to stick to new and better habits, about a month ago I was determined on becoming educated on more natural-based skincare products. All the research and reading I’ve done has intrigued me to learn more about the use and different benefits of natural ingredients. Surprisingly enough, finding great brands and options at a reasonable price range hasn’t been too difficult.

Since I know there are many others who struggle with skincare issues as well, I wanted to start a “Skincare Struggles” series on the blog and bring my followers along this journey. With the new year rapidly approaching, the timing for this change is perfect. This series is to serve as an inspiration to you and myself, that healthy skin is possible. I will be posting updates (weekly or bi-weekly) on current products, what I incorporate into my daily routine, results, and more.

After all, I’m only 27 which means I want to protect and conserve my skin for as long as I can lol. Like, share, or leave a comment below (actually all 3 if you want haha) if you’re excited to follow along!

Cheers to healthy skin, ladies!



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