Bat Those Lashes


There’s no doubt that a makeup look isn’t complete without some mascara. Even on days when I walk out with a bare face, applying at least one coat of it is necessary for me. I always like having two different types of mascaras, one for extra volume and another to provide some length. Keeping two around doesn’t mean I pile both at once.

The CoverGirl Lashblast Volume mascara takes the #1 spot for me, personally! The rubber wand makes it easy to catch all of the smaller hairs, adding even more volume and boldness to the lashes. I prefer waterproof to avoid any smudging, and I find that it holds the curl perfectly. One coat is enough for a natural look but if dramatic eyes are your style, the LashBlast is very buildable minus the clumpy mess!



Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Lashes comes in handy on those days you really don’t feel like trying but want to look lively and awake. The cone-shaped brush helps widen the eyes nicely. This mascara enhances the shape/form of almond-shaped eyes and leaves the lashes looking feather-ish (is that a word?). The formula is not waterproof, but it does contain FiberShine™, which are tiny fibers that make your eyelashes appear longer.




I base my decision on which mascara to reach for depending on my mood and the occasion. Share your favorite mascaras with me ladies! Trying new mascaras and eyeliners is my thing! Stay batting those lashes 😉




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