How to: Winter Waves the Heatless Way

Heatless Beach Waves Hairstyle

With all these cool new hair tools and products, we tend to forget that keeping things simple, quick, and easy can also be an effective alternative. During winter, giving our hair and skin extra care is crucial. That is why I have recently given my hair some heat break and traced back to this old school way of waving your hair.

Mhmm, that’s right. I am referring to braids!

Untangle hair with the Wet Brush

While my hair is still wet, I brush it out with my handy Wet Brush (must-have) this helps untangle any knots without damaging or pulling the hair.

Next, I pour a generous amount of the NuMe Argan Oil, rub my hands together to warm up the oil, and begin applying it to the ends of my hair. Shaking my hands and hair a bit to distribute it evenly. Argan oil protects, nourishes, and adds a gorgeous shine! If you’re interested in learning more about argan oil’s benefits, click here.

After the oil sinks into my hair (about 2 minutes), I continue by pumping some of the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Créme. This is the ONLY hair styling product I like to use as it helps prevent my hair from looking flat, no sticky residue, and it is manageable when styling. The combo of the Argan oil and BB Créme leave my hair smelling lovely.

Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Créme

Arganics by NuMe Argan Oil

I split my hair into two equal parts and begin to braid each side. I like my braids pretty tight, especially because of my layers (don’t want any hairs sticking out). Plus, thanks to my Central American roots I have really thick hair. I simply tie the ends with a scrungie.


Once my hair completely air-dries, I release the braids and am left with bouncy beachy, waves! To eliminate the crease the scrungie leaves, simply add a little more of the Pantene Pro-V Ultimate BB Créme and twist the ends of your hair. These waves usually last me 3 full days.

Heatless Beach Waves Hairstyle

Hairstyling Products

Accomplish this look with a brush, hair oil, styling product of your choice, and 2 hair ties. That simple, done-dada! Share pictures of your waves if you decide to try this out! Thanks for stopping by, stay effortless and chic!



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