More Hi’s Than Lo’s

Spring Inspired Outfit on a Windy Day

It is important to always work with your body shape never against it. Being a short plus size girl doesn’t stop me from experimenting with trends. I am very aware of my body type and find ways to compliment it through styling. A hi-lo top can be tricky to work with if you are more petite, but the trick is to elongate the look of your legs. How you ask? Simple.

Pick a pair of straight legged pants or high-waisted bottoms (shorts/pants). A subtle print like the geometric printed pants featured in this look create the illusion of slimmer, longer legs. Heels also add more length to your body, making your ensemble perfectly proportioned. Have no fear and don’t stop yourself from trying something just because “it doesn’t fit well with your body shape” ❤️.

I decided to make today’s post a little different. Along with my usual styling advice, I also wanted to share personal insight on some recent ups and downs (read more at the end).

Plus Size Fashion Blogger

Chiffon Hi Lo Top and Geometric Printed Pants

Budget Friendly Plus Size Outfit

Plus Size Latina Fashion Blogger

Chinese Laundry Strappy Heels

Loose Waves and Earth Toned Makeup Look


Top: Ross (similar here here) | Pants: Soho Apparel (similar here) | Necklace: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Chinese Laundry  | Purse: Aldo

I would say within the last year, life has thrown some unavoidable curve balls my way. My initial reaction was to be angry at the world. I just kept thinking, “Why? Why? WHY?!”. I’m the type to constantly seek answers and drives myself crazy over-thinking. Between a crazy car accident, parting ways with old friends, boy dilemma, and financial frustrations, everything just seemed to be spiraling down.

See, the universe has a unique way of sending signs and opening your eyes. Perhaps you aren’t meant to continue down the road you THINK is convenient for you at the moment. We must go through these episodes in life to learn. Almost like getting a second chance, to analyze and pin-point mistakes. Accepting what is out of my control has been the biggest challenge for me. With that comes growth and change, it is a process.

As we entered the new year, I was done sulking and ready to be proactive. Ready to make and embrace the change, ready to chase my dreams. By applying a new mindset and lifestyle, I started noticing the small things. Those little signs I pray for. As I continue to be consistent with this path, the most incredible opportunities have started knocking on my door. The opportunities I dream of and am so passionate about. If only I picked myself up sooner, but I guess the point is I finally have. I am appreciative of the lows, even the hurtful ones. Staying strong, motivated, and positive during hard times can be challenging. But these are the moments when you must pull through!

Needless to say, there are currently more highs than lows in my life…and it is only the beginning. Don’t resent and become mediocre, keep moving forward. The light IS waiting for you at the end. Thank you for reading!



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