So Cheeky | 5 Blushes for Spring

Top 5 Blushes for Spring

If I had to choose my top 3 makeup must-haves, blush would definitely make the cut. When it comes to doing the smile, pat, and swirl on the apples of my cheeks, it gives me that excited girly feeling. Deciding on which shade to choose is what I look forward to every morning. Clearly, I LOVE blush. A total must-have that adds color, character and brings those cheeks to life. For today’s post, I gathered five shades (high-end AND drugstore) that go hand-in-hand with the upcoming bright, sunny days. A mixture of pinks, corals, and shimmers for a cheeky spring glow.

Cargo Los Cabos: By far the most buttery blush I have ever encountered. No need for highlight as you will find gold specs swirling in this blend of coral and pink. With a water resistant formula, it couldn’t be more ideal for the warm weather ahead. This is such a particular shade of coral, truly one of a kind. Pairing it with a light, coral lipstick like MAC’s Fan Fare makes a beautiful combo 😉

NYX Summer PeachIf you prefer a much subtle cheek color, NYX Summer Peach is definitely the one. I turn to this peachy-blush on days where I really just want a bit of *pop*, enough to keep my face from looking washed out. The light, gold shimmer makes for a perfect soft glow.

MAC MelbaOhhh, Melba. A beautiful warm, peachy matte blush that is known to look different on just about everyone. Against my skin complexion, it looks more on the orange side but is a definite favorite due to its distinctive color. Sheer and easy to blend (despite the matte finish), an ideal blush to wear out on a sunny afternoon.

Milani Luminoso: Shouldn’t be a surprise this one made it to the list, as I’ve raved plenty about this little gem. Luminoso is a baked blush, a gorgeous coral with gold shimmer (another you can skip highlight with). It instantly adds radiance to your face! Great for day or night, this will always be an all-time treasure. P.S. looks twice as good after that spring/summer tan.

NYX Pinched: Like if the name isn’t cute enough, NYX Pinched is the shade of pink you want to be wearing during spring. The pigmentation is serious, using a light hand with this one is key and also blending lightly. It is the perfect girly flush color. Easter Sunday anyone?

Cargo Cosmetics Los Cabos Water Resistant Powder Blush

Cargo Los Cabos

NYX Cosmetics Summer Peach Blush

NYX Summer Peach

MAC Cosmetics Melba Matte Powder Blush

MAC Melba

Milani Cosmetics Luminoso Baked Powder Blush

Milani Luminoso

NYX Cosmetics Pinched Powder Blush

NYX Pinched

5 Blushes for Spring

NYX Pinched | MAC Melba | Milani Luminoso | NYX Summer Peach | Cargo Los Cabos

Try applying blush with an angled contour brush and later blending with a duo-fiber stippling brush for a seamless result. I’d love to know what YOUR 5 blushes for spring would be, comment below with suggestions!



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