Self-Love Begins with Y-O-U

Curvy Latina Yogini Self Love

As we kick off a new month, I wanted this week’s post to be a little different. Aside from the beauty, makeup, and styling talk there’s a personal deeper meaning behind it all — starting with self-love.

As a plus size blogger, I’m often asked personal questions from readers and followers — “Drea, how are you so confident in your skin?” “Drea, how do you find it in you to incorporate any style despite your body type?” “Drea, your confidence inspires me”.

Latina Plus Size Blogger Self Love Post

I’m always delighted by such admiration because these questions are real, these thoughts come in and out of our minds and for some of us they stay there. Doubtful, unnecessary thoughts that overshadow the best in us. Was I teased growing up for being larger or “different” than the majority of my class? Absolutely. Were these comments hurtful? Most definitely. But I never allowed them to break me. After some time, those stupid comments stopped, people knew I was tough they knew not to mess with me even if that meant holding in my tears until I stepped inside my mother’s car after school.

My mother and family always instilled the power of love, beginning with self-love. An act I will always cherish because it made me strong at an early age. My family trained us all to believe in ourselves, to believe and have faith that we are capable of accomplishing any goals we set our mind and passion to.

Curvy Yogini Blogger in Pigeon Pose

Curvy Yoga Deep Squat Malasana Pose

Curvy Yoga Crescent Moon Self Love Pose

Now I know this may not be the same case for most, but start by asking yourself what makes you happiest? A simple, to-the-point question. Take the answer(s) and incorporate more of what fuels your happy tank because the more time you dedicate to it, the brighter life gets. It’s a journey, a personal one that will lead you to the inexplainable. Self-love is a practice if you think about it, and with it comes the sweetest balance. The balance we are all trying to reach.

Self-love is something that’s already within me, a practice that’s second nature. I struggle with balance — knowing when to allow myself a distraction, I’m so focused on my building a successful foundation which makes me want to continue non-stop. That’s when yoga comes into play. Yoga is the purest form of self-love — a grounding experience, provides necessary balance, and it makes challenging myself enjoyable. Self-love isn’t about doing countless diets, being able to wear expensive makeup or clothing, or trying to be something you’re not just to put on a smile. It is all but a personal, wonderful journey. Take a deep look at yourself, ready, set, begin.



“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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