Fashion Talk in Houston

Spring Style Outfit Plus Size

Currently shaking off a cold after a few days of traveling for a one-of-a kind fun experience. I visited Houston, TX for the FIRST time, where the humidity welcomed me head-on and the southern charm was splendid.

Plus Size Spring Style Outfit In Houston

Spring Style Outfit Plus Size Mossimo Maxi Floral Skirt

Plus Size Rebdolls Ruffled Crop Top Spring Style

Spring Plus Size Outfit feat. Rebdolls Ruffled Crop Top and Mossimo Floral Maxi Skirt

Plus Size Spring Fashion Rebdolls Ruffled White Crop Top

Spring Style Plus Size Outfit Crop Top and Floral Maxi Skirt


Mossimo maxi skirt | Rebdolls crop top | Forever 21 satin sneakers

Along with 15 other bloggers and influencers, myself included, were invited to take part in a fashion panel where fashion trivia, a shopping spree, and interesting marketing tactics were involved. Now, it wasn’t all business and no play — these were fun, unique activities that had our creative little brains working as early as 7:45 am. From breakfast to in-between snacks & refreshments, lunch, and dinner the ladies and I were spoiled every way possible. It’s true what they say — everything is BIGGER in Texas and the food ah, where do I even begin?! That flavor!

On our first full day, we had exactly 45 minutes to freshen up and catch a breather before our sit-down formal dinner took place. I don’t know about you but when I’m on a trip, taking it all in is crucial for me! Doesn’t matter if I’m lacking sleep, a headache or blisters. The curious 4-year old in me wants to wanna see this new place. So what does a girl like me do? Skip a nap and walk a few blocks down the Galleria with two new blogger friends and explore a gorgeous outdoor shopping mall and be the fashion bloggers we are — stop traffic and pose.

With a ruffled crop-top and this floral maxi skirt, I couldn’t have paired a more humidity appropriate outfit. Comfort is key when traveling and working long hours, and I definitely couldn’t pass up wearing these white satin sneakers. The cushion and comfort was just right! Any of you been to Houston before? I already can’t wait to go back, missing the fajitas and sweet tea (and all the ladies I met).



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