How to Look Chic with Nature Hiking in Guatemala

Plus Size Summer Travel Style feat. ASOS Curve Turtleneck and Adore Me Alia Leggings

Travel Blogger Guatemala Series

Now, I may not know much about proper hiking gear or hiking in general BUT I do know comfortability. Fun fact: wandering through nature is something I truly love so when looking at different villages to visit during my trip in Guatemala, this place was at the top of my list. After the topsy-turvy 3-hour drive from the capital (city) to Panajachel and the passing of heavy rain, we ventured into the Nature Reserve of Atitlán.

From the minute we touched down, my heart was unconditionally mesmerized by nature’s abundance surrounding in each & every direction! The nature reserve offers something for everyone — zip lining (if you’re up for an adrenaline rush), a butterfly dome, trails of bamboo trees that lead you to an impeccable view of 3 volcanoes and the well-known Lago (lake) Atitlán. Which if you follow me on Instagram (@letstalkchic) and kept up with InstaStories, you witnessed the sick-almost-unreal views.

Travel Blog Series Reserva Atitlan Panajachel, Guatemala

Plus Size Travel Outfit of the Day feat. ASOS Curve Turtleneck and Adore Me Alia Leggings Set

Travel Blog Series Reserva Atitlan Panajachel, Guatemala

Travel Blog Series in Lake Atitlan Panajachel, Guatemala. Lago Atitlan

ASOS Curve turtleneck (similar style)

Adore Me leggings

Nike activewear tank

Reebok Run MT sneakers (similar style)


Summer Travel Plus Size Adore Me Alia Leggings

To add a more collective yet relaxed look and because we were exploring in 62 degree weather, I layered a long sleeve turtleneck over my tank keeping (a few) mosquitoes and spider webs from attacking me. An easy tie around the waist in case the weather took a turnaround. Underneath I wore this pink Nike tank, it’s great with sweat absorption and maintaining a cool body temperature.

Some fun, plus size print leggings with the right fit are somewhat hard to come across. Most of you I’m sure know the struggle many cheaper alternative leggings come with — sheer around the booty area, tight around the belly and loose on the legs, crappy waistband and constantly having to adjust — you get where this is going! But, not only are these leggings from Adore Me the right fit they also aren’t sheer or uncomfortable. With mesh detailing running down both sides of the legs, these are surely stylish and ideal to hike in.

I hope this inspires you to roam with nature somewhere. Disconnect and indulge in it!



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