A Beauty Hack for Flawless Hair Using Rosemary Oil

Natural Beauty Tip to Flawless Hair Using Rosemary Oil

Sayblee Rosemary Hydrating Oil

While living in a city that reaches high levels of heat and having color treated hair, it is crucial to maintain a functional haircare routine. Like skin, there’s product upon product applied daily to hair and WORST, styling with heated tools. I’m sure you get it — giving some TLC to hair is important. Amongst digging deeper into natural beauty products, there’s been a particular ingredient saving my thick-Latina-locks from hair loss while keeping it alive & shiny.

All jokes aside, a bald spot near my hairline isn’t one of them! Actually, 5 months ago I noticed my hair was thinning from one specific area and rapidly growing larger in size. When I shared this observation via Instagram Stories, some of you kindly shared useful insight about castor and rosemary oil for this sort of issue. Shortly after at a local farmer’s market, I discovered Sayblee — an all organic-natural haircare brand with a (you guessed it) rosemary hair line of shampoo, conditioner & an oil.

How to Healthy Hair with Natural Organic Rosemary Oil

Healthy Shiny Hair Natural Beauty Tip to Flawless Hair Using Rosemary Oil

Organic Rosemary Oil for Healthy Shiny Hair Beauty Hack

Sayblee Natural Organic Hair Products Rosemary Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner

Healthy Shiny Hair Natural Beauty Tip to Flawless Hair Using Rosemary Oil

Natural Beauty Tip to Flawless Hair Using Rosemary Oil

All products in this trio kit contain rosemary oil and the combination of using all three help tremendously with rapid hair growth (re: photo #1). Despite being organic and sulfate-free, the Rosemary Clarifying Shampoo lathers nicely leaving your scalp thoroughly cleansed from built up dirt and oil. Quick tip: a small amount goes a long way even if it feels like it isn’t! Once I learned how damaging rinsing your hair (and body) with hot water is, it’s been warm water from here on out!

After shampoo is rinsed, I continue with the Rosemary Clarifying Conditioner massaging it gently on the scalp and running my fingers through hair strands & tips. Let the conditioner sit for about 3-5 minutes — shave, exfoliate, do your thing — and rinse with cooler water. You’ll be left with silky soft hair smelling ahhhmazing. I treat the Rosemary Hydrating Oil like a treatment and only use it on dirty hair once a week at night. Be stingy but not with your hair so pour a good sized amount, warm up the oil in your hands first, and begin applying throughout your scalp & hair while focusing on any areas that need EXTRA care. Sleep on it and wash hair the following day again repeating the steps above.

If you’re in need of a hydration boost, lacking shine or suffering from any hair loss, give rosemary oil a try! Its natural properties are insanely beneficial as are Sayblee’s natural hair products!



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