4 Style Tricks Every Petite Girl Needs

How to Style: Appear Long and Lean as a Plus Size Petite Girl

4 Style Tricks Every Petite Girl Needs to Look Longer & Lean

As a petite curvy girl, I experiment the various ways on how to appear longer without necessarily wearing heels. See, it’s not about adding height and looking taller — it’s how to create the illusion of elongated legs. I’ve now mastered this style trick with the right silhouettes that you too can apply for some extra added length!

Plus Size Alfani Cold Shoulder Hi Lo Print Top

4 Style Tricks Every Petite Girl Needs to Look Longer & Lean

Plus Size Summer Style feat. Alfani Cold Shoulder Hi Lo Print Top


Alfani top (similar style here)

Old Navy jeans

ALDO slide mules




Plus Size Petite Styling

The Don’ts

This style tip is all about having the right form fitted hi-lo top. You want to avoid the ones that flare outwards and anything knit. The wrong fabric can take a negative turn by creating a WIDER body shape and an overall unflattering look. Also, seek bottoms that are cohesive with your top — by pairing with shorts or a skirt, it creates the opposite of appearing longer. Considering the length of a hi-lo top is important because too low can be, well, too low. Opt for a length that lies just below the butt cheeks.

The Style Tricks

I chose this form fitting hi-lo top for its texture, fabric flow, and the ideal length. It was a casual daytime outing and with a busy print, I went with simple denim. Because this is a three quarter sleeve top, by folding the lower hem of my skinny jeans it kept the look proportional. Notice small details, they easily become a statement if you work around them. Bottoms such as trousers, high-waisted jeans, or skinny pants paired along with pointed-toe shoes create an actual illusion of elongated legs. This combination keeps the look consistent and visually appealing!

You can half-tuck the top or tie a side-knot but personally I love letting it flow! I enjoy this trick when mixing dresses & pants too, like I did here. If these style tips are up your alley, comment below and share any you may have!



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