Natural Oil Cleansing & Skin Repair Beauty Routine

How to Natural Oil Cleansing Skincare Routine

Kanai Essentials Cleansing Facial and Repair Oils Natural Apothecary Skincare

As my use of natural-based beauty products expands, my skin definitely shows great appreciation for it. Hyper-pigmentation is under control, pores have tightened, and the texture on my face has diminished.

Since the start of summer I’ve indulged in a new skincare method known as oil cleansing, with the help of an invigorating jojoba & argan oil infused product that breaks down impurities and magically removes all makeup (even waterproof). During a recent Instagram Live session I thoroughly demonstrated my current cleanse & repair routine so today I’m bringing the details to the blog.

Using oil to cleanse your face is the best form of effectively yet subtly removing dirt and impurities. Despite your current skin type (even oily ones) and whether you’re handling a full face of makeup or not, oils dissolve the gunk your skin has collected throughout the day and replenish your face with nourishing, clean oil. Make sense?

Natural Skincare Oil Cleansing Routine

How to Remove Makeup Using a Natural Oil Cleanse Method


At first I know it might seem weird (even messy) to consider “washing” your face using an oil but truth is, this method has been around for years and proven to be the most natural way of maintaining a healthy profile.

I begin by pouring a generous amount of the Kanai Cleansing Facial Oil to the palm of my hands, rubbing them together to warm up and activate the oil. I discovered this local apothecary skincare brand on Instagram (no lie) back in May and have religiously used this product the past 3 months. After warming the oil, I begin to rub my face in circular motion to break up the dirt & makeup (if any). Instantly you feel the mascara dissolving at your fingertips and makeup melting away.

Because water does not mix with oil, with a little help of a wash cloth or my preferred method of using an old cotton t-shirt (less abrasive), I damp it in warm water and begin wiping away. Gently wiping through my eyelashes, between the creases of my nose, and around the hairline. Rinse the cloth with warm water again and continue wiping until all residue is removed. I’m obsessed with the hydrating & replenishing natural ingredients like Jojoba, Argan & Rosehip found in this Cleansing Facial Oil!

How to Naturally Oil Cleanse to Remove Makeup

Natural Oil Cleansing Skincare Routine using Kanai Essentials

Before & After Removing Makeup Using Natural Oil Cleanse Method with Kanai Essentials Skincare


The Cleansing Facial Oil has a sister known as the Repair Facial Oil, that works amazing in conjunction together like a true dynamic duo. It’s an oil specifically created to repair skin damage and can be used all over the face or in my case used as a spot treatment every other day. Infused with calendula, the Kanai Repair Oil is made of eucalyptus & tea tree to prevent/attack breakouts, restore discoloration, and fade acne scars.

In my case, the Repair Facial Oil works best when used to target specific areas of my skin. I must admit my skin has not looked this replenished in a longggg time (if ever). It feels light and overall looks content. The results after 3 months of consecutive use have been all sorts of positive. Concern yourself no more from stripping your skin with this oil cleansing process and magical products like these current favorites of mine!

I hope this sparked curiosity and confidence to try something naturally effective and new.



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