3 Vegan Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands I Discovered on Instagram

3 Vegan Cruelty Free Beauty Brands I Discovered on Instagram

3 Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty Brands I Discovered on Instagram

Indulging in a new beauty brand has always felt a bit skeptical for me, maybe because I’ve dealt with sensitive skin issues all my life — you never really know what to expect. Social media, particularly Instagram, shifted the perspective of my old ways to go ahead and dive into trying new brands. As a style & beauty content creator, I spend (too much) time searching for new innovative designers & natural beauty brands to discover.

Because most brands share product information on their social platforms, this allows us to easily study useful details, engagement & authenticity of their products.

3 Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty Brands I Discovered on Instagram

Luminance Vegan Cruelty-Free Natural Skincare


Stumbling upon their Instagram, I was instantly drawn to each and every Luminance product. From the ingredients listed on photo captions to a well thought-out-eye-catching-feed, it quickly intrigued me! Luminance offers a f r e e sample kit when you sign-up to their newsletter — it is the perfect opportunity to experience 3 key skincare steps: cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

Cruelty-free, vegan, and 100% natural my sample bottles were empty in 2 weeks. This led to making an official purchase of 4 naturally effective additions to my skincare routine — Delicate Facial Cleanser, Rosewater Toner, Nourishing Serum, and the Deep Hydration Moisturizer. It’s been exciting and refreshing to have discovered a natural skincare line that works ideally for all skin types.

Schmidt's Cedarwood & Juniper Cruelty Free Vegan Natural Deodorant


After reading endless benefits on taking a natural approach with deodorant, it was overwhelming to decide what to try first with such high hopes. Because we live in a time where technology rules and cookies exist, a Schmidt’s ad sparked major interest after popping up on my Instagram feed. Pretty sure many of you are currently asking yourselves, does it really work?

Although I approached this new product with doubt, it quickly proved me wrong — it absorbs sweat & underarm wetness while also controlling odor. Like many other deodorant products in the market, they contain harsh chemicals and strong fragrances resulting in unpleasant odors.

A natural deodorant is much more gentle especially after freshly shaven underarms! Try the Cedarwood + Juniper, Ylang Ylang + Calendula, or Bergamot + Lime.

Kanai Essentials Botanical Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Repair Oil


Earlier this month, I shared an in-depth blog post about my oil cleansing method where I introduced this local Miami brand to you all. Kanai Essentials is yet another favorite Instagram beauty brand discovery — made with all-natural greatness and an aesthetic to swoon over. The combination of their Cleansing & Repair Oils have done a number on my skin for the better.

The Kanai Cleansing Oil removes impurities while replenishing the skin, and the Repair Oil takes care of hyper-pigmentation, breakouts, and acne scarring. Both too gentle to believe they create so much magic without harming the skin.

3 Cruelty-Free Vegan Beauty Brands I Discovered on Instagram

These brand discoveries have continued to broaden my interest in using natural, cruelty-free products. Along with new habits, my skin is evolving nicely!

I’d love to know if any of you have been skeptical to approach new beauty brands on social media — share in the comments any brands/products I should take interest in.




*This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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