Andrea Flores Drea Flow Creative Photography

Where Have I Been?

Andrea Flores Drea Flow Creative Photography

Ah, yes. The question I get asked by plenty.

I fell out of love with blogging. There, I said it.

I became consumed with the “influencer” and “blogger” saturation. Found myself spending money just to post a cute outfit or be part of a style trend. I found myself comparing my style, writing, and who I am to others and it was just a dark dark place. I took a step back to fine-tune my aspirations and what was currently on my plate.

This helped me pave my way through a passion that was right under my nose, yet I seemed to be searching for all the wrong answers. Photography. Photography and Creative Direction have always been passions of mine, I just never knew what to “label” them. Yes, fashion is EVERYTHING to me and is a form of wearable art that brings me joy and giddy eyes!

Miami Photographer Andrea Flores of Drea Flow Creative

Since the last time we spoke, I now define myself as an entrepreneurial visual artist — a storyteller and creator. Let’s Talk Chic was actually the hub that unfolded this realization for me. I had full editorial and creative control of my content, topics, etc. It helped a lot that my work experience has always been within Digital Marketing & Branding — so creating for a brand image and with a marketing perspective is second nature to me. And, most importantly I enjoy it.

Once my clarity on all of what I mentioned above aligned, I began to dabble into taking on clients for business. I kickstarted my creative business Drea Flow Creative which focuses on product, still life, and yoga photography for brand campaigns. But my blog, Let’s Talk Chic, always lingered in the back of my mind. I am also a contributing writer for a local publication and provide content writing for contract projects — but I felt out of touch with MY writing.

Andrea Flores of Drea Flow Creative

With that being said, I am here today. Writing. This evokes to keep my blog alive and switch up the tone of it. I’m considering changing the blog name but am not ready to let go of the Let’s Talk Chic trademark just yet. Don’t worry, I’ll still share curated plus size style posts because I wear style on my sleeve, literally and figuratively ;). But I don’t just want to talk about style and beauty and blah blah what everyone else is doing. Things must feel effortless yet purposeful for me to share.

If you are a creative, artist, photographer, entrepreneur, freelancer, or just a 30-something-year-old who wants to stick around for my content: WELCOME! I am excited for this venture, but bare with me.

Here’s an article I was recently featured in, for Voyage MIA, if you’d like to read more about what I’ve been up to: see here. Keep up with me on Insta, too!