Out with the Old: Toxic Lipstick Purge

As of late, paying attention to products I use and apply to my skin has become daunting to be honest. The chemicals, the acids, the this, the that… I mean, the list goes on & on. Truthfully, it makes me feel sorta skeptic.

After spending countless hours reading articles like this one, about beauty product ingredients and what’s out there on the market, it sparked inspiration to revisit and de-clutter my current makeup collection — specifically lipsticks because it’s what I own the most. Opening and twisting each lipstick up one by one as Khruangbin played subtly in the background, what I saw growing out of some products on my shelf were astonishing (to say the least).

Toxic Lipstick Purge Beauty Care

Toxic Lipstick Purge Beauty Photography

Some with white bumpy textures all-around and others with hair-like fibers sticking out. From what I’ve researched, this is the aftermath of poor production, ingredients affecting a product’s shelf life, and in fact the temperatures of where you store products counteract with the ingredients, too. Basically, this is toxicity sitting on your vanity.

Toxic Lipstick Purge Blog Post

Old Toxic Lipstick Purge MAC Rebel Lipstick Beauty Photography

If I’m being honest — the more I research and read, it all begins to feel a little too overwhelming for my own liking. But it almost feels like since opening up to this awareness in the past year, is it worth it? Is it better to live passively and go on about my life? I can’t just magically delete what I’ve seen — the beauty industry is making me feel…tainted. Anyone else feel this way? What are some products/brands you’ve stopped supporting because of their production and/or choice of ingredients?

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