Out with the Old: Toxic Lipstick Purge

As of late, paying attention to products I use and apply to my skin has become daunting to be honest. The chemicals, the acids, the this, the that… I mean, the list goes on & on. Truthfully, it makes me feel sorta skeptic.


Eyeshadow Made Easy


You can say there’s a love/hate relationship between cream eyeshadows and myself. Specifically ones that come packaged inside those little pots. I’m a bit particular with eyeshadow application because personally, I don’t like having to stick or tap my fingers into a pot. Not to mention the mess it leaves on your hands, especially if the cream shadow contains glitter!

My perception has definitely changed now that I discovered eyeshadow pencils & crayons. So easy to apply and small enough to take them on-the-go for a quick eye touch up. Lately, these cream eyeshadow sticks are what I reach for on occasions where I want a little more sparkle and color on my lids.


“Venetian Gold” x TréStique | “Bronze” x Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics | “Champagne Toast” x Milani

TréStique’s “Venetian Gold” is a beautiful, deep gold with champagne shimmer and a creamy formula. The crayon glides easily all over the lid without any glitter fallout and if that isn’t convincing enough; it is retractable, meaning no need to sharpen. Simply twist-up till the product finishes. So pretty and daytime approved!

Pairing “Venetian Gold with Jelly Pong Pong’s “Bronze” creates a subtle, bronzy-smoky eye look as easy as applying “Bronze”on the outer corners of the eyes. Have a blending brush handy, as I find this matte cream eyeshadow to be a little difficult to blend. The shadow stick is also an eyeliner, making it safe to wear inside the waterline. The color is more of a copper-bronze but perfect to wear on it’s own or with another eyeshadow.

“Champagne Toast” by Milani is my absolute favorite of the 3 because of the beautiful color and the formula’s amazing pigmentation. Funny enough, I feel the color transfers as more of a frosty rose-blush and not so much a champagne (or could just be with my complexion). I love love love wearing “Champagne Toast” on it’s own as the sparkles give the lids a gorgeous brightening effect. The eyeshadow pencil glides on AND no glittery mess!


Eventually, I’d like to get my hands on some more cream eyeshadow pencils in a variety of colors (& by colors I mean neutrals lol). The advantage of shadow crayons are minimal creasing, long-wearing, easy application, no mess, and honestly its pretty cool how it feels like I’m literally drawing over my eyelids. What are some of your favorites? I’d love to know! 🙂