Andrea Flores Drea Flow Creative Photography

Where Have I Been?

Andrea Flores Drea Flow Creative Photography

Ah, yes. The question I get asked by plenty.

I fell out of love with blogging. There, I said it.



It’s been a few months since I sat here and drafted a blog post. I’ll be very transparent and sincere — I fell out of love with blogging, particularly blogging about common and continuous topics that seem to bombard everyone’s feed all the time. I began investing my energy into different things that were actually fulfilling me with passion and creativity. I began to question everything I’ve ever published and felt almost a bit self-centered at one point. Truth is, talking about my makeup routine or my current hair products was never the reason I brought this platform into fruition.

LTC was always meant to serve as a platform to inspire women of all sizes to love themselves truly as they are, to showcase that style has no limits. And the community, although small but real, that’s stuck by me.. is proof my message has transpired. In an industry like fashion & beauty that can sometimes seem so superficial, I want to reiterate there’s art form behind it.

After taking this break, I’ve come full circle with the decision to continue blogging and sharing more of this. A new tone, new topics. Pushing buttons, in hopes to strike an intellectual conversation with you all, or shit have a laugh with me. I’m back, just different and re-inspired.