Lookin’ Dewy | Perfect Summer Foundation


Oh summer, you’ve been extra brutal this year. This heat in Miami will have you in an extra bad mood honestly :/ But that’s why getting ready and done up for the day gets me extra excited. Especially because I FINALLY found the perfect dewy foundation that works great with my skin. I have oily/combination skin and if you didn’t know, a foundation with a “dewy finish” basically means it provides a natural glow. There’s a big difference between looking oily and looking dewy.

The NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation gives off a natural dew without the shiny/oily look . I’d say the product has a medium to full coverage, you can definitely build it up. Now, it doesn’t have the word “weightless” for no reason! I’ve worn this foundation during the day (hot!!), nights out, during work, you name it. I love that it does not give me the feeling of a packed-on foundation, it is light enough to wear at all times which is perfect. Sometimes I set it with a translucent powder and other times just bronze up a bit + blush and it’s still long-lasting.




Face: NARS “ADLW” Foundation | Blush: Milani “Bellisimo Bronze” | Lip: NYX Matte “Sierra”

Apply with a brush or Beauty Blender (sponge) for an even blended look. I highly recommend if you too are looking for a product with similar qualities. I use the “Barcelona” shade and it couldn’t match any better.

Happy Summer, ladies!



Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation | Review

Good foundations are difficult to come across, especially from a drugstore brand. Everyone is on a budget these days and let’s be honest, Sephora samples only last so far. I’ve had pretty good luck in the past with Covergirl face products so when they launched their newest line I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

I must say I was a little surprised by the size of the Ready, Set Gorgeous foundation. It comes in a squeezable bottle containing 1 fl oz (yes, you read correctly…just 1 lol). For everyday purposes, I like a good coverage (not overdone) but I don’t like the feeling of having makeup on while working or running errands.. make sense? I was looking for a lightweight foundation with medium to full coverage at a decent price.

The shade I use for the Ready, Set Gorgeous is in “#220 Soft Honey“, which matches and blends nicely. My face is a bit lighter from the rest of my body, so I like to make sure my foundations match/blend with my neck. The foundation retails for $6.99 at Target but prices may vary. This has been my go-to foundation for work (aka M-F) for the past 3 weeks. I’ve also been laying low on using primer, its just an extra step that I don’t think is necessary for everyday use. Not using primer underneath the foundation has allowed me to really test out the product and see how it holds up.

As usual, I start by moisturizing my face and then squeeze
 the product onto my Sigma F84 brush.
Dabbing it on my face straight from the brush. I like to pat/press the product all over,
not swirling the brush. I find that the foundation distributes evenly
this way and covers all necessary areas.
Keep pressing onto the skin
Ta-da! The amount I pour onto the brush is all I use. If you find that you need
a bit more coverage, go ahead and add a tiny bit more OR you could
use a concealer to help cover any problem areas.
Before & After
Skipping concealer on my everyday makeup routine has saved me the trouble of
using additional products. When going to work or running errands, I like looking
put-together but effortless at the same time.
Lip Color: Coral Garden by Rimmel
Lately all I do is lightly swipe the brush with whatever is left of foundation
under my eyes. Thankfully, I was blessed and don’t have to worry about dark/under
eye circles but if you do don’t worry! Just use your concealer of choice.
Since my skin is oily, I do have to set all of my foundations
with a powder (not just this one).
The foundation is still in good condition with great coverage all around.
I turned the flash off on these pics to really show the shine and oilyness. You can
see my face is pretty shiny but again I do have oily prone skin.
 Although this product
claims it “lasts all day”, after 9 hours it has faded a bit. 
It’s faded on parts of my nose and areas on my forehead (around my eyebrows).
I don’t mind the fading, just because I rarely ever wear my makeup longer
than 7 hours on a daily basis. The foundation does an amazing job with
the coverage. I really love how it doesn’t feel like
you’re wearing anything at all!

I highly recommend the Ready, Set Gorgeous Foundation for the following reasons:

◉ Lightweight (even when adding more product)
◉ Easy to apply
◉ Medium to Full Coverage
◉ Budget friendly
◉ Color matching/Easy to blend
◉ Great staying power
◉ Oil free
◉ No breakouts or irritations. Sensitive skin approved ✔

Now I know its a pain in the ass trying to find the right shade for you with drugstore foundations. Sephora’s Color IQ has spoiled me lol..but trust me! You’re gonna want to spend those extra 10 mins picking one of these! Ladies, if you’re looking for a foundation that has all of the above, I suggest you check out the Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous the next time you are casually walking through the cosmetics section in your local drugstore! 😉



* Disclaimer: Product reviews are my own opinions based on my experience. *

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation | Review

Heyyyy!!!! Happy Summer!!! ✿❀☼ I hope you all have been doing good so far 

I’ve been wanting to talk about this product for a while now. Which one you ask? The Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation! I was looking for a new long-lasting full coverage foundation and of course I headed to Sephora. I wanted to stay away from foundations that would cake up on me or that had a dewy-finish. I live in Miami, where it’s humid & hot so a dewy-finish was out of the question. I needed a matte full coverage product.

Bare face. Only moisturizer/primer. I always do my eyes first.

The first time I applied the foundation, I put way too much and therefore my face was an oily, cakey mess. Ehh not cute! I realized ok first of all I was totally using the wrong moisturizer under the foundation. First I applied a layer of the Dr. Murad Oil Control Mattifier moisturizer and let it sit and soak into my skin for a good 10 minutes. After, I applied a tiny bit of the Smashbox primer and let that sit for 5 minutes. I used half a pump of the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation onto the back of my hand and dotted it on my face, specifically targeting my “problem” areas. I then used my Sigma F84 brush to buff out and blend the foundation evenly on my face. (See pictures below).

AdPress the foundation into your skin, then blend with your brush.
This helps with the staying power & an even application.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! After applying the foundation, I then set it with a powder (NARS Pressed Powder), finished the rest of my face, and set everything with a makeup setting spray. I followed the same steps two more times and the result was always the same: PERFECTION. With the help of the mattifying moisturizer I use and setting powder, the foundation stays on flawless and matte.

I love how much of a full coverage this gives, you honestly do not need to apply concealer to cover up any problem areas. This foundation has you covered from top to bottom…believe me 😉 A little goes a long way. The first time I used it, my face was super oily because I packed the foundation on. This isn’t necessary. I always take the foundation down to my neck to blend everything (nobody likes harsh foundation lines). The staying power of the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation is incredible! Definitely long-wearing but ladies, for sure if you have oily skin or combination SET THE FOUNDATION. This is a must! I’m not sure if the same were to happen with dry skin but for sure set the foundation with a powder of your choice.

I have received many compliments whenever I am wearing this foundation, it just looks so flawless and air-brushed. The foundation retails for $34 and it brings 1.0 fl. oz. I’m in the shade M54 (Medium 54). Like I said, a little bit goes a long way so this foundation should last you.

This foundation claims the following:

◎ Full Coverage  ✔
◎ 24-Hour Wear ✔
◎ Transfer Resistant
◎ Matte Finish ✔
◎ Fragrance Free ✔
◎ Oil Free ✔

I can’t agree with the transfer resistant part because I have had the unfortunate pleasure to dirty my shirt >.< But other than that, all great things! I only use it for going out purposes, like a night out or when I know I will be out all day and need my makeup to last. If you’re looking for a good full-coverage foundation I cannot recommend this enough. Get color matched and ask for a sample. 

A great alternative for this is the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation. Both are very similar in consistency, staying power, and coverage but of course the Revlon one is half the price less.

I hope you found this review helpful. The pictures down below are the products I used to achieve a matte-look. Each picture contains a link which will direct you to another window if you’d like to read more about them or even purchase. Until next time my beauty lovahs! ✌♡



Products Mentioned:

If you’d like to see a list of products I used in the look above, leave a comment or suggestion below.

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