Beauty Brand Spotlight | Shea Moisture®

Shea Moisture Drugstore Beauty Product Review

It is in my nature to keep my eyes open for new beauty products in the market, especially drugstore. Why drugstore? Because of their convenience, high availability, and wallet-friendly price tags. Simple packaging and eye-catching ingredients (specifically natural) instantly grab my attention. Shea Moisture® is a brand that has stood out the most due to their recent and continuous product expansion, offering a variety of products and lines for hair, skincare, and body.


How to: Winter Waves the Heatless Way

Heatless Beach Waves Hairstyle

With all these cool new hair tools and products, we tend to forget that keeping things simple, quick, and easy can also be an effective alternative. During winter, giving our hair and skin extra care is crucial. That is why I have recently given my hair some heat break and traced back to this old school way of waving your hair.