The Basic Staple

Casual Plus Size Outfit

A closet fully equipped with basics is key, specifically referring to tops. As a fundamental piece to every outfit, owning a handful of quality, solid tops is essential. (more…)

A-Symmetrical Flare Dress

Summer Plus Size Style H&M Dress

Am I the only one who’s enjoying letting it all flow for summer? I’m talking a complete carefree style; letting my hair do its own thing, my clothing loose yet form-fitting, and taking “less is more” to a whole new level.


Partly Cloudy

Old Navy Mid Rise Harper Trouser

Embracing change, whether physical, mental, or emotional, has been a new practice for me in which for once I am enjoying. In case you were wondering, I recently had a few inches of hair chopped off, and something about recent gray, gloomy days and shorter hair that are inspiring me to live freely.


Fun Prints + Septum Rings

Plus Size Spring Street Style Fashion

Hey beauties! How is spring treating you all so far? Things in my life are going great and the Miami weather is being nice to us (for now). With that being said, spring trends are finally trickling into my closet as new pieces with fun colors, prints, and different fabrics inspire stepping outside of my comfort zone. Lately I find myself enjoying mixing & matching quite a bit, styling pieces in ways they can individually stand out as opposed to styling an outfit as a whole.