Give Me Some Electric Orange

Latina Beauty Blogger Spring Makeup Look

I think it’s safe to say (per my previous post) hues of orange have rapidly grown on me. Maybe it’s the blooms, my daily dose of Vitamin C, or the breezy weather but all I know is this pop of citrus will have your aura g-l-o-w-i-n-g.


Latest Beauty Find: CoverGirl’s Clean Matte BB Cream | Review + Demo

Beauty Review on CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream Review

After sticking to the same everyday beauty routine for a few months now, I recently AND unexpectedly came across a new beauty gem that has officially replaced my go-to foundation. When it comes to drugstore beauty, CoverGirl always sets the bar high for me particularly with their foundations and mascaras. It’s safe to say their new Clean Matte BB Cream has become an everyday favorite.


4 Kiss-Proof Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day 2016 Lip Colors

Everywhere I go, first thing I see are shades of red, pink, and purple. Along with cute heart decor, roses, and chocolates nicely stacked next to one another. It wasn’t even mid January but it seemed like everyone was beginning to feel the love.

The Valentine’s Day galore started growing on me early, leading to the rediscovery of some favorite lippies that scream “Month of Love”. Something about pink and red tones that give lips a sweet, delicate look.


Eyeshadow Made Easy


You can say there’s a love/hate relationship between cream eyeshadows and myself. Specifically ones that come packaged inside those little pots. I’m a bit particular with eyeshadow application because personally, I don’t like having to stick or tap my fingers into a pot. Not to mention the mess it leaves on your hands, especially if the cream shadow contains glitter!

My perception has definitely changed now that I discovered eyeshadow pencils & crayons. So easy to apply and small enough to take them on-the-go for a quick eye touch up. Lately, these cream eyeshadow sticks are what I reach for on occasions where I want a little more sparkle and color on my lids.


“Venetian Gold” x TréStique | “Bronze” x Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics | “Champagne Toast” x Milani

TréStique’s “Venetian Gold” is a beautiful, deep gold with champagne shimmer and a creamy formula. The crayon glides easily all over the lid without any glitter fallout and if that isn’t convincing enough; it is retractable, meaning no need to sharpen. Simply twist-up till the product finishes. So pretty and daytime approved!

Pairing “Venetian Gold with Jelly Pong Pong’s “Bronze” creates a subtle, bronzy-smoky eye look as easy as applying “Bronze”on the outer corners of the eyes. Have a blending brush handy, as I find this matte cream eyeshadow to be a little difficult to blend. The shadow stick is also an eyeliner, making it safe to wear inside the waterline. The color is more of a copper-bronze but perfect to wear on it’s own or with another eyeshadow.

“Champagne Toast” by Milani is my absolute favorite of the 3 because of the beautiful color and the formula’s amazing pigmentation. Funny enough, I feel the color transfers as more of a frosty rose-blush and not so much a champagne (or could just be with my complexion). I love love love wearing “Champagne Toast” on it’s own as the sparkles give the lids a gorgeous brightening effect. The eyeshadow pencil glides on AND no glittery mess!


Eventually, I’d like to get my hands on some more cream eyeshadow pencils in a variety of colors (& by colors I mean neutrals lol). The advantage of shadow crayons are minimal creasing, long-wearing, easy application, no mess, and honestly its pretty cool how it feels like I’m literally drawing over my eyelids. What are some of your favorites? I’d love to know! 🙂