My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

Lorac PRO Palette 2

Feels like summer is already here and when it reaches this point, the less cake I slap on my face. Curiosity has sparked recently and quite a few of you on Instagram have been inquiring about the makeup products I’ve been wearing. Keeping it light, easy and put-together tonight I’m sharing it all!


Give Me Some Electric Orange

Latina Beauty Blogger Spring Makeup Look

I think it’s safe to say (per my previous post) hues of orange have rapidly grown on me. Maybe it’s the blooms, my daily dose of Vitamin C, or the breezy weather but all I know is this pop of citrus will have your aura g-l-o-w-i-n-g.


Dusty Rose | A Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the lovey dovey holiday sparked some inspiration on a subtle, feminine makeup look with hints of rose, pink, and gold. A simple look that can easily be recreated and taken from day to night.


GRWM | Valentine’s Day Makeup

Makeup Get Ready With Me

I know many single gals who truly dread Valentine’s Day, but personally I think it’s just another cheesy holiday that gives us an excuse to get dolled up…and possibly receive some chocolates and a hug or two. At least, right?

Whether you’ve got a fun-filled day with your sweetie, a hot first date, or just a girl’s night out, make the best out of the holiday! Start off with some self-love and beauty inspiration, challenge yourself to accomplish that makeup look you’ve been dying to try. Tonight, I’m taking you along and showing you all how I plan to get ready for Valentine’s Day. All products will be listed down listed throughout ❤️


10 Easy Steps to an Everyday Makeup Look


Alarm goes off, hit snooze. Alarm no. 2 goes off, hit snooze again (cause what’s 10 more mins). Your final alarm turns on and you know hitting snooze again will cost ya so you push through and take your happy ass out of bed.