The Ultimate DIY Body Butter for Soft Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin with a DIY Body Butter

We hear the expression “healthy skin” always enforced and, you guessed it, for great reason. Skin/body care should be on everyone’s radar and a major priority because as you know, it is the base of our exterior. If it’s good on the inside it reflects on the outside! With a little added effort and extra dedication, a simple homemade body butter can make all the difference.


5 Skin Essentials for a DIY Exfoliating Scrub

Organic Natural Coffee Body and Face Scrub

I’m all for Winter making its way out and the not-so-cute dry skin along with it too. Am I right? Since including natural alternatives to my skincare regimen, my skin is prepping nicely for warmer days ahead. DIYs aren’t a forte for a clumsy chick like myself, but truthfully nothing beats a homemade face & body scrub. Using only 5 ingredients, I’ll be sharing a recipe that’ll bring life back into your skin.


10 Easy Steps to an Everyday Makeup Look


Alarm goes off, hit snooze. Alarm no. 2 goes off, hit snooze again (cause what’s 10 more mins). Your final alarm turns on and you know hitting snooze again will cost ya so you push through and take your happy ass out of bed.


Balance is Key | Skincare Struggles Pt. 3


Remember in Pt. 1 of #SkincareStruggles I mentioned how your daily way of living has a huge impact on everything? And how I really wanted to adapt new lifestyle changes?

First things first, in order to stay hydrated I had to increase my H2O intake. Yes, that simple! An enjoyable and beneficial way to cleanse the body is by infusing water with fruit. There are a variety of “recipes” and fruit combinations that serve different purposes. Currently, I am loving cucumber and cucumber + pineapple water! Both have a positive effect on my skin and body since each ingredient serves as a detox.

Recently my skin had a brutal reaction to a skincare product (a one-time use but with my sensitive skin I pay the price within hours). The cucumber water is helping tremendously by clearing out redness, breakouts, and dryness. I can’t even begin to describe how delicious and refreshing it is too! My goal everyday is to drink more than 6 refills, including in between meals.


Another lifestyle change I’m in desperate need of is balance. Ahh, what we all strive for in life. Back in July, I attended my first yoga class ever at a local studio near my house where I was introduced to vinyasa yoga. Ever since, I was immediately obsessed with yoga, the meaning behind the practice, and all of it’s benefits. As of last month, yoga slowly became a daily ritual for me. I can’t begin to explain how much it is helping not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.

I am grasping how to focus my energy on the things I have control over, as opposed to overanalyze and be angry with situations that are outside of my reach. The connection and understanding I now have with my intuition is even more powerful. Point is, I am able to overcome stress and not allow it to cloud my vision anymore. I am still a beginner and I go at my own pace, but there’s truly no better way to get my yoga fix than in the morning. It totally sets the tone for the day, it is motivating, powerful, and not to mention my sciatica has been tolerable. I encourage you all to give it a try at some point.





 Any of my followers out there into yoga? Wisdom and tips are always welcome :). Staying committed to these changes is so important for me, let’s hope I manage to stay on track!



Trying New Goodies | Skincare Struggles Pt. 2


As I mentioned in my previous Skincare Struggles post, I have been learning more on the benefits of natural ingredients and how to incorporate them into my daily skincare regimen. My skin has been battling dryness for a few months now and with winter approaching, it is only going to get worst and so I started my research on ways to hydrate my skin again.

One of the natural ways is with the use of rosewater. Not familiar with it? Well, basically rosewater can be used in many ways for various skin concerns like dryness, dull skin, acne, sensitive skin and the list continues. (Read more about rosewater here). With so many great brand/product reviews, I decided to purchase the 4 oz. Mario Badescu Facial Spray in hopes of positive results.



In the mornings after washing my face, I like to apply some Mario Badescu Facial Spray on a cotton round and apply it all over my face. I do this every other day and so far my dryness has been under control. The rosewater is helping hydrate and brighten my skin. My oiliness has decreased a bit since too. I absolutely love how gentle and refreshing the rosewater feels on my face!

Aside from battling dryness, targeting my hyper-pigmentation is definitely next up on my list. Although I LOVE makeup, I don’t always want to wear it everywhere I go. Letting my face breathe is important but I really hate the look dark spots give off. Tea tree oil is said to help with this little issue. Found in the leaves of “Melaleuca alternifolia” (tea tree), tea tree oil has been used for years to treat skin infections such as acne and nail fungus. (Get the tea tree oil 411 here). Before giving the pure essential oil a try, I opted for The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil.  



In the evening after washing my face, I apply a couple of drops of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil on a cotton round. Lightly pressing it against my skin (not rubbing) mainly on the dark spots around my chin and the hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks. I like letting the oil sink in for about two minutes before moving on to my next skincare step. The tea tree oil has slowly been minimizing the redness and dark areas. The oil has a strong scent but fades quickly. I am really enjoying the benefits of this tea tree oil.

So far, I can honestly say the combination and consistency of incorporating these steps/products for the past 3 weeks have been extremely helpful! My acne scars are beginning to slowly fade away and do not look so textured under makeup. If you have any other suggestions, products, or natural recipes that can help target these issues go ahead and send them my way 🙂 Yayy for positive results!